Hi There!

My name is Yaquan Wei, a graphic designer based in Shenzhen, with a strong interest in branding, packaging, typography and UI/UX. I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a master’s degree in San Francisco.

I’m curious about design and the world around me, which makes me keen to explore things beyond their surfaces, to explore subtle details as well as the overall situation. I take delight to try new things and get design inspiration from unexpected sources. I hope that you can see the world through my perspective reflected in my works.



2019 iF Product Design Award
2019 GDC Graphic Design in China – Selected
2019 GRAPHIS Design Annual – Silver
2019 GRAPHIS Design Annual – Selected
2018 GRAPHIS Design Annual – Silver
2018 GRAPHIS Design Annual – Selected
2018 Adobe Design Achievement – Semifinalist
2018 Hiiibrand Awards – Selected
2017 IDA Design Awards – Gold
2017 IDA Design Awards – Honorable Mention
2017 Print Regional Design Awards – Selected
2017 GDC Graphic Design in China – Nomination
2017 Macau Design Biennial – Gold
2017 Pentawards – Bronze
2017 MUSE Creative Awards – Platinum
2017 Adobe Design Achievement – Semifinalist
2016 IDA Design Awards – Gold
2016 IDA Design Awards – Selected



All About Love Speaks Forever

“All About Love Speaks Forever” is a solo exhibition of Yayoi Kusama, displaying many of her past and recent works. In order to establish a relationship with Yayoi Kusama in the exhibition, I used her most famous patterns, wave points and red, as my design inspiration. These two important elements were the framework for all my design decisions and led me to my choices in color, type and aesthetics. Different styles of wave points represent her works in different periods. When all the wave points are combined, I will be able to explore a diverse, possible exhibition of love.

“All about love speaks forever”是草间弥生的个展,该展览展出了她过去和近期的多件作品。为了在展览中建立与草间弥生的关系,我使用了她最著名的图案波点和红色作为我的设计灵感。这两个重要的元素是我所有设计决策的框架,让我在颜色、类型和美学上做出选择。不同样式的波点代表着草间弥生不同时期的作品,当所有的波点组合在一起,探索一场多样性、可能性的关于爱的展览。

DESIGN: Yaquan Wei